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B4- Black Swan World Class Business Technologies PVT LTD is an “innovation in Action” enterprise which would bring transformative changes in the channels of Business Distribution and Retail for “far reaching and enduring value creation” for your Business whether you are a Manufacturer or end Customer. The Aim of B4- Black Swan World Class Business Technologies PVT LTD is to serve the “end use Customers” by bringing value added products at the disposal of the “end use Customers” through “disruptive innovation” in the channels of Marketing and Distribution.

B4 is a Business-to-Business (B2B)  & Business-to-Customer (B2C) platform, designed to solve core trade problems for small, medium and large businesses and end customers across India. It is the largest such national distribution platform of its kind enabling our  retailers and businesses to source merchandise from manufacturers, brands, white labels, importers etc. on a single platform.

BENEFITS FOR THE CUSTOMERS: Our goal at B4- Black Swan World Class Business Technologies PVT LTD. is

to satisfy the needs and wants of the Customers so that they buy more and more of the Products that we are dealing with. Further we expect that our satisfied Customers will become Brand Ambassadors of the products that we are dealing in and they will thereafter bring New Customers to our Retail partners for multiplication of the Sales.



B4- Black Swan World Class Business Technologies PVT LTD will bring the following benefits to final Customers/Consumers.


1. Product Benefits which include Functionality, Price, Convenience, Experience, Reliability, Performance, Efficiency and Compatibility.

2. Service Benefits which include Empathy, Fairness, Transparency, Control, Options, Information and Accessibility.

  • B4 is a large retailing shop where quality  goods at lower prices are provided to buyers

  • Our  stores are completely Offline, This Off store  shopping include the opportunity for customers to establish personal connections with our business, which can build loyalty. Some customers may prefer to buy only after touching or trying on a product, which may reduce the number of product returns for certain businesses.

  • B4 which is  Big Box Stores , will establish in pan India . Customers get a wide assortment of goods at same place

  • Our Neat display of goods is quite attractive & easy to find the wanted product which retain your time and our less margins will save your income

  •  Being a Mediator  we  listens to all views, talks to the both backend and frontend parties, and guides each party through the process

  • Customers get Benifited by Quality, Price &  get  satisfaction with Assured products and exemplary service

  • We cut the flak in between manufacturers to retailers and act as a mediator and Rescue  the buyers from duplicity  world  

  • Speed to market  B4  can make product changes and get to market faster without third-party channel coordination, seasonal delays, or other retail interruptions.

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